Apps and Accessories

LVivo EF App

GE Healthcare has partnered with DiA Imaging Analysis, Ltd. to provide the LVivo EF App.

The first AI powered app, Lvivo EF calculates ejection fraction and end-systolic, end-diastolic left ventricular volumes by automated edge detection of the left myocardial wall using apical 4-chamber views. LVivo EF is available on Vscan Extend R2 Dual Probe and Sector Probe systems.

If you are purchasing this app for a Vscan Extend unit you already own, first confirm the unit is at the R2 software level, then enter the device serial number (In the upper left corner of the device, click the 3 lines to see the menu, then at the bottom click “About”.  Under “APK Software Version” the SW level should be 1.2.0 or higher). If your unit is at the R2 software level, select “Lvivo EF App Installed Base” and enter the device serial number to add to cart. If your unit is not at the R2 SW level, select “Lvivo EF App + Vscan Extend R2 Software Update” to purchase both the update and the app; enter the device serial number to add to cart.

Select one of the following options :

  • LVivo EF App - Installed Base (already at R2 software level) $475.00
  • LVivo EF App - VSCAN Extend R2 Software Update (includes App & SW update) $1100.00

Vscan Extend R2 Software Update

The R2 software update enables customers to update devices with software version 1.1.x to 1.2.x. By updating to R2, customers will get access to all new apps in the GE Marketplace (R1 customers only have access to Bladder Volume App, Lung Protocol Apps, and Tricefy app). Upgrades are completed at the GE Healthcare repair depot; shipping costs to send the unit to the repair depot are included with the purchase of this upgrade. Please enter your serial number before adding to the cart. (note: if you are purchasing "LVivo EF App + Vscan Extend R2 Software Update" you don’t need this item to your cart, it’s already included)

  • R1 to R2 Software Update for Vscan Extend $625.00

Robust Case

The robust case is designed for rugged transportation of Vscan Extend and the accompanying accessories. Robust cases are Pelican hard cover cases with foam inserts sized to appropriately fit the specified items. There are 2 different sizes of cases available:

Complete Set: designed to hold Vscan Extend, global AC adapter and interchangeable region specific plugs, USB cable, memory cards, soft case, user manual CD, and quick card.
Scanner Set: Designed to hold Vscan Extend, extra battery, small gel bottle, and USB cable

Select one of the following options :

  • Robust Case - Complete Set $292.50
  • Robust Case - Scanner Set $292.50

Vscan Extend Tabletop Stand

The Vscan Extend device can be slid into the tabletop stand to provide a convenient viewing angle of the imaging display. Vscan Extend is sold separately.

  • Vscan Extend Tabletop Stand $60.00