SonoSim 365 for GE Healthcare

Learn ultrasonography from the comfort of your own home, anytime, anywhere.

SonoSim® 365 for GE Healthcare is a portable, virtual ultrasound training experience that covers everything from the basics of scanning to hands-on simulations of real-world patient cases, demonstrating a broad spectrum of normal and pathologic conditions. SonoSim® 365 for GE Healthcare offers convenient ultrasound education through integrated didactic instruction, hands-on training, and knowledge assessment.

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This offering includes a SonoSim Probe, SonoSim Drive, and your choice of five modules accessible online – choose from a wide selection of modules including anatomy, physiology, and clinical procedures.

From SonoSim, Inc., a global leader in ultrasound education and training, it provides an effective training solution to the difficult and complex nature of ultrasound education.

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